25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes [Video]

We weren't sure there really were 25 different ways you can wear a scarf, but Wendy Nguyen proved you can, and all in under 4.5 minutes.


How to Turn Men’s Tees and Long-Sleeve Shirts into Dresses

At Stylish Eve we are always looking to be resourceful. Discover a whole new wardrobe using your husband’s or boyfriend’s shirts and tees.


Beautiful Birdwing Scarves from Roza Khamitova

Take one talented artist, soft muted colors, neckwear and some creativity, and Roza Khamitova managed to produce mesmerizing birdwing scarves to die for.

Designed by: Patrick Jouin

22 Very Unique Staircases That Will Inspire You

Be prepared to be amazed when you see 22 incredible designs for the most stunning staircases you are ever likely to come across.


Fantastic 3D Galaxy Bedding Sets

The discovery of new constellations millions of light years away has opened up a whole new world, for the designer, Jail Betray, on the bed linen front.


Terrific Kitchen Storage Ideas

A cook can always use more kitchen storage space, and you’ll love these new options that tuck spices, utensils, and supplies away in style.


Hilarious Baby Dances to Beyoncé

Some of us are born with a sense of rhythm and some of us aren’t. Watch as this baby puts us all to shame with some help from Beyoncé.


This 3-Year-Old Dancing Boy will Leave you Speechless

Young children like to dance to music, but only in a way that young children can. However watching 3-year-old Zhang Junhao dance will blow your mind!


First Birthday Cake Smash Moments

When you have your child’s first birthday rapidly approaching, what do you do? One is an awkward age for birthdays.


Pink Stonework and Waterfalls: Guice Property by Paradise Restored

This yard is truly “in the pink” with cheerful poppy accessories and stone, playing a starring role in a cool green haven by Paradise Restored.


Tailored and Terrific: Formal Garden Woollahra by Secret Gardens

Cool blue, deep green, bright red, yellow, pink, and pure white combine in a formal yet fresh and modern garden by Sydney’s Secret Gardens.


Inspiring Garden Additions and Features by Art in Green

No matter the size of your garden, water features, statuary, and skilled plantings can enhance it, as pictured here in examples by Art in Green.


Dive into a Magical Garden: West Virginia Retreat by Surrounds Landscaping

This West Virginia gem, mere steps behind a rustic gate, is a group of beautifully sculpted outdoor “rooms” from Surrounds Landscape Architecture.


Garden Beauty from the Ground Up, with Flooring by Art in Green

Build your dream garden from the ground up with a variety of flooring ideas, some examples of which are shown here from Art in Green.


Rambling Levels of Fun: Mount Airy by Surrounds Landscape Architecture

Virginia’s Surrounds Landscape Architecture provides the lucky owners of this home with a back yard escape that’s delightful, no matter the season.



Easy DIY Summer Bracelet

Everyone has time for quick and simple DIY craft projects. Here we have a great way of recycling old metal bangles to create a colourful accessory.


Easy DIY Rainbow Loom Starburst Bracelet [Video]

Watch Steph’s really clear and understandable instructions as she shows you exactly how to make a really fashionable rainbow loom starburst bracelet.


10 Quick and Easy DIY Smart Phone Projects [Video]

10 brilliant DIY tips for making the most of your smartphone - fashionable, colorful and individual ideas all rolled into one.


A Wedding Flower Girl You’ll never Forget

With the years, months, days, weeks and hours of preparation that go into a wedding, what on earth could possibly go wrong?

ee photography

15 Ways to Tell Everyone ‘Here Comes the Bride’

Here comes the bride, and we have an official notice to prove it. We have selected 15 of the best examples to let you know someone’s just about to get married.

Damion Hamilton

Beautiful and Romantic Petal Wedding Aisle Runners

Looking to make your wedding ceremony extra-special? Why not deck the aisle out with flower petals to create the ultimate in romantic settings.

8. Cave in Algarve, Portugal

15 Magnificent Caves from Around the World

Discover the magical and mesmerizing world of gigantic caves. Enjoy superb digital pictures taken from inside 15 of the world’s largest caves of all.


Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji

Poseidon’s Mystery Island – the undersea resort of the future offering a wealth of underwater experiences designed for the adventurous.


Water Discus Underwater Hotel in Dubai

From fantasy to reality – mind-blowing Water Discus Underwater Hotel


Jennifer Hudson Chops Off Her Long Hair into a Short Pixie Cut!

Jennifer Hudson hopped on the pixie cut bandwagon and chopped off her long tresses. To find out where she unveiled it and why she loves it, read the topic!


Isabella Cruise Debuts a Red Buzz Haircut!!

Isabella Cruise celebrated her 21st birthday with a shocking new hairdo. Don't try to guess what it is—read all about it here!


Noah Cyrus Rocks a Jet Black Hair with a Shaved Pink Diamond on Its Side!

Sweet Noah Cyrus has already gone edgy with a rocking hairstyle that you have to read to believe!


Stylish Eve 2013 Outfits: Layered One-Shoulder Shirts are a Hit

One-shoulder shirts have been reinvented with every season of fashion. Our stylists have created great outfits waiting to take a hanger in your closet.


Stylish Eve Fall 2013 Outfits: Stripes are the New Sexy

Beyonce is not the only one who can turn heads with her stripes. Our Stylish Eve stylists have put together outfits for 2013 that will make you look great in stripes.


Stylish Eve 2013 Outfits: A Great Pair of Brown Shoes Does an Outfit Good

The Stylish Eve 2013 Outfits Fashion Guide shows you how to put your brown shoes to work.


The Tiffany Yellow Diamond Collection has Captured the Beauty of the Sun

Brilliant and unparalleled are the rightful words that come to mind when speaking of the Tiffany Yellow Diamond Collection.


Paloma Picasso’s Olive Leaf Collection Pays Tribute to the Olive Branch

Daughter of the legend, Pablo Picasso - Paloma Picasso is a Tiffany & Co. jewelry designer and creator of the gorgeous Olive Leaf Collection.

Beverley K Wide Bands for Women are Delightfully Extravagant _15

Beverley K Wide Bands for Women are Delightfully Extravagant

The Beverley K Wide Bands for women are delightfully extravagant and unexpected.


DIY Turmeric-Based Face Mask to Fight Acne

Acne is such a confidence-sapping skin problem, so why not try out this turmeric-based face mask treatment to give you clearer skin.


3 Steps to Clear your Skin in Just One Week

Having perfect skin is never easy to achieve. Watch these two great videos and we think you will then be much nearer reaching that goal.


Pretty Pink Nail Art Design by Cute Polish

Fancy a ‘pretty in pink’ theme for your nail art? This brilliant three-minute demonstration will have you running immediately for your make up drawer!

Layers Cake

23 Scrumptious Diaper Bag Cakes for Baby Showers

Want to give a fantastic present at a baby shower, or maybe you want your guests to enjoy something really special. Diaper bag cakes are the solution….

Designer Themed Cakes

21 Perfect Baby Bottom Cakes for Baby Showers

Looking for something new for the theme for a baby shower cake or a newborn baby cake? Well look no further than the 21 baby bottom cakes we have for you here.

Image Credits:	Deborah Hwang

20 of the Best Sofa Cake Ideas You Will Ever See

Sofa cakes aren’t cakes specifically baked to be eaten on a sofa – as you can see, these are sofas made of cake, and we have some great images for you.


Hilarious Prank When Dog Dressed as Spider Terrifies Passers-By

What happens in Poland when you dress a dog up as a spider and let it loose on an unsuspecting public? Watch this brilliant prank unfold.


Super-Talented Girl adds a Hula Hoop to Brilliant Hip-Hop Routine

Would you pay to see a show with hip hop-hula hoopers? If you are feeling skeptical, you must read this article!


How to Turn an Apple into an Edible Swan

Give most people an apple and a knife and they will peel it. Do the same with The King of Random and he will present you with a stunning edible swan!