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    13+ Hysterical Animal Fails That Will Crack You Up.

    An Animal A Day, Keeps Sadness Away: Animals are funny, and what’s even funnier, is that they do not really mean to be. Even when they fail, they tend to do so very gloriously. Here, we have collected fails of those clumsy creatures trying to make their way through the human world. These are evidence how an […] More

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    Have You Ever Dreamt of Mermaid-like Hair?

    Long, thick, and radiant hair is on every women’s wishlist. So, here are some tips that will pave the way for your awaited, magical, super long hair. 1- Trim your hair every 6-8 weeks. It may seem weird to be asked to trim your hair from the ends while you’re growing it out, but believe […] More

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    Here’s What Happens To Bad Boys.

    Apparently, shooting stars really do work! This Fall, runway shows have embraced two of the world’s hottest felons. Jeremy Meeks The Blue Eyed Bandit was arrested in an FBI crackdown in 2014 for a gang-related crime and gun possession. It was only when the Stockton Police Department posted his mugshot on Facebook in 19 June 2014, […] More

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    The Everyday Societal Pressures Of Being A Woman

    Why is it that to be a woman we must be so many things?! A woman has to be beautiful, funny, strong (but not too strong), successful (but not that successful), and maternal (because what are you if you do not want babies?). We have to be enough (whatever the hell that means), yet not too […] More

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    20 Must-Dos To Get Over A Shitty Week

    We have all been through shitty, intolerable, and more than flesh and blood can stand weeks that we just need to wipe off our minds and start anew. So here, we have rounded up some tips to help you pull through. 1- Eat chocolate. Swinburne University researchers  have found that dark chocolate increases calmness and […] More

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    This Fall is Red, a.k.a The Color of the Season

    The Fall/Winter 2017 runways in Paris, Milan and New York have inspired us with the newest and latest beauty looks for this Fall. It has nothing exceptional actually, except that it is ALL IN RED; red lips, red lids, red nails, red eyeliners and even red accessories. So yes, you have figured it out right: Red is the […] More

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    You Won’t Believe How This Artist Creates His Masterpieces

    In our modern day world we are constantly being amazed by new technologies, inventions, movies, and works of art. Although the most prominent artists no longer live with us today, there are more of them being born and growing to make works of art that blow our minds. Apart from just the results, the new […] More

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    Perfectly-Timed And Best Shots Of The 2017 Solar Eclipse

    Being full of secrets has always been nature’s most important trait. One of the most magical phenomena in life is the eclipse. Whether it is lunar or solar, people wait to witness it passionately. Well, it is beautiful and makes us feel we are part of something huge and powerful. This solar eclipse is 2017 star. On […] More

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    Mila Is The Best Representative For The Young Generations

    With the daily changes taking place around us every day, our kids are developing and transforming to cope with them. We bet that you remember how simple your childhood was and how an innocent child you were when you talk to one of today’s young ones. Young yet strong We couldn’t describe it better. This […] More

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    This Baby With Her Hair Rollers Is Capturing People’s Hearts

    Looking for something cute to warm your heart and restore your faith in magic? Here are some of the most adorable photos you will ever come across. Learn how to pause for the camera from this baby.. The famous and professional photographer Jessie Marrero takes these cute photographs of newly born babies to emphasize what she calls […] More

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    3 Plus-size Instagram Bloggers That Teach Us A Lesson About Self-love

    With the rise of social media and its increasing effect on the lives of many, it may have both a negative and positive effect on its users. The notion of beauty standards is strongly becoming an essential thing for societies to follow. From this, more and more women around the world are constantly bombarded trying […] More

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    18 Newborn Baby Photo-shoot Fails That Will Crack You Up

    How hard can a photo shoot be? That’s what these parents thought before having the experience of doing so with their newborn babies. Although babies are adorable, they aren’t afraid to pee or poo anywhere, so these babies chose the worst timing to let it all out. We put together this group of photos which […] More

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    This New Short Film Will Make Your Heart Beat

    These two artists realized that mourning today’s world conditions won’t lead them anywhere. Thus, they created a piece of art and managed to take over the internet literally “In a Heartbeat”. We are definitely in love with the new short film “In a Heartbeat” and here is why… A school project turning into a life-changing […] More

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    This Little Japanese Girl And Her Pet Poodle Are Friendship Goals

    Searching for more evidence that dogs are man’s best friend? Look at these photographs illustrating the friendship of Mame the one-year-old Japanese girl with her pet poodle, Riku. Mame’s Grandma documents all their moments on Instagram where the two friends have become very popular and loved. Since their first post, these two have managed to capture the […] More

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    10 Surprising Personal Care Uses For Baking Soda You Never Knew

    Most people use beauty products for their hair, skin, and teeth and are not aware that there are natural ingredients that are far more effective and safe. There are some ingredients which we consider super ingredients that have more than one personal care use. One of these ingredients is baking soda which most people are […] More

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    10 Foods For Glowing And Anti-aging Skin

    While you are busy living your dream and working hard for your future, sometimes you miss really important things in your life. In today’s fast world and because of non-organized time, you disregard giving your body the elements it needs to perform better. Food is not only the fuel for life but also an essential […] More

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    10 Most Beautiful Beaches To Visit This Summer

    There is no doubt that this world is full of beautiful scenery. However, these 10 beaches are breathtakingly wondrous and should be on top of your to-visit-list. After a long winter, you are definitely longing for a warm morning, to be lightly sun-kissed, experience a refreshing air breeze, and a witness a beautiful view. Thus, you […] More

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    20 Essentials To Get Your Summer Flat Belly

    Whether you are into bikinis or not, you definitely dream of having a flat belly. As summer approaches, most people waste a lot of time on planning their outfits to hide the layers winter has added to their bellies. The danger here lies not only in how you look from the outside, but also in how […] More

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    6 Dazzling Add-ons To Your Wedding Bouquet

    While creating your wedding bouquet you have to follow your instincts as there is no wrong way to create a bouquet. It is your day and a glorious bouquet is simply the cherry on top. Bouquets can range from elegant, trendy, contemporary, colorful, or asymmetrical and still look perfect. Because we want your wedding day to […] More

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    How To Make Your Hair Look Thicker

    Who does not dream of thick, healthy and voluminous hair? Of course, we all do! Although some of us are born with light hair, that does not mean it is impossible to get the bouncy full look. There are several tricks where you can make your hair look thicker than it really is! 1) Backcombing […] More

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    This is What Happens When You Leave Your Kids Alone For 5 Minutes

    When you are a parent, silence is a double-edged weapon. It could mean that your kids are either sleeping or doing something naughty. But when the silence appears suddenly, you start to smell something fishy. Because being a parent is surely the hardest job in the world, we got you some examples of what can happen […] More

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    Best Looks From Cannes Film Festival 2017

    The 70th annual Cannes Film Festival took place from the 17th  to the 28th of May 2017 in Cannes, France. The festival surely holds the record for the most flabbergasting divas walking the red carpet wearing jaw-dropping couture. Festivals come and go, but the trend surely lasts forever. Here are some of the looks that […] More

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    All The Looks at The 2017 Billboard Music Awards

    This year, the Billboard Music Awards ceremony was held on May, 21st in Las Vegas. Celebrities were definitely rocking the red carpet starting from Celine Dion’s breath-taking and angelic dress all the way to Cher’s 2 dazzling performances. The 71-year-old star performed her hit song Believe wearing flabbergasting outfits. The ceremony witnessed endless ideas of […] More

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    Extraordinary Lace Wedding Dresses That Will Blow Your Mind

    Because every girl deserves to have her dream wedding dress, we got you a collection of lace wedding dresses that will definitely blow your mind. These dresses are handmade by Grace Loves Lace. They specialize in unique, free-spirited and timelessly sophisticated luxe wedding dresses handmade from only the finest French & European lace and silks. Although […] More

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    18 Pairs of Celebrities That Are Always Mistaken For Each other

    Hollywood is a big place where a lot of actors and actresses appear either on the big screen or the small one. It’s a place driven by appearances and looks. No matter how much they try to filter them based on their looks, there will always be two or more that look astonishingly alike. We have […] More

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    4 DIY Balloon Ideas Never Seen Before

    Creative, unique, and innovative; this is the impression anyone would like a guest to have when they visit their house for the first time. Some people tend to pay a lot of money to reach that, but unfortunately, not everyone can afford such a thing. Luckily for you, we believe that you can always use […] More

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    6 Beauty Trends That Need to Vanish Immediately

    1) Glitter Roots In the past, when girls dyed their hair and their roots grew, they would run to the salon and dye it back. Yet, in our present day, we now have glitter roots that girls all around the world went absolutely crazy over. Instead of going to the salon they cover their roots with a […] More

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    12 Hollywood Parents With Kids That Look Like A Smaller Version Of Them

    There is nothing better than seeing your DNA being passed on to the next generation. For the love of perfect DNA, we got you a collection of celebrities’ kids that look like a smaller version of their parents. Adele’s son, Angelo James Konecki, looks a lot like his mother. They both share that beautiful shade of […] More

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    14 Photographs That Illustrate Relationship Goals When You Are Expecting

    The life after “Congratulations your pregnant” is never the same, especially if you hear it for the first time. Mothers always worry about multiple things and start to question themselves on many levels. For example: “Am I going to be a good mother? Will I be able to take care of my baby? Will I […] More

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    5 Easy and Highly Effective Natural Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

    In our cosmetically driven world, many people are embarrassed by the yellow appearance of their teeth; hence, the increase in the number of people turning to professional whitening treatments or using whitening strips at home.  There is a wide variety of options to pick from when it comes to teeth-whitening products. However, most whitening products […] More

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    12 Celebrities and Their Jaw-Dropping Doppelgangers

    Did anyone ever tell you that you look like a celebrity? Well, you’re not alone. This article is dedicated entirely to those people who are a spitting image of celebrities. We recommend you hold your jaws to prevent them from dropping. Scroll down and be amazed! Beyonce  Kylie Jenner Adele Ariana Grande Angeline Jolie Harry […] More

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    15 Wedding Moments That Will Overwhelm Your Heart

    Weddings are considered to be an immensely sacred occasion that no one can ever deny their love for. If you go to a wedding, you eat, drink, dance and you might even meet your own significant other. But the best part of all is watching two people that love each other get together and make […] More

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