15 Cleverly Inspiring Pregnancy Photographs

Being pregnant is an incredibly special time in your life. However to feel extra-special, we know you will want to commemorate the occasion in a more unique and individual way. We don’t expect you to rush out and directly copy the ideas we want to show you, but we hope they will inspire you. We want to get you thinking and we reckon these great photographs will do just that. Being pregnant for the first time may be a bit scary, but we want to remind you to have fun. This is still a time to enjoy life and embrace being pregnant. If you are second- or third-time-around, then you know what it is all about. If you didn’t get round to it the first time, now’s the chance to make amends and include all the family in your photos.

Every pregnancy should have one particularly memorable photo. There is something so simple, uncomplicated, yet incredibly atmospheric about black and white photography as this stunning image demonstrates. What is more beautiful than to wear a mermaid dress down at the water’s edge?

And if you happen to be married to a musician, well then you might end up with one of the most beautiful time-lapse videos ever made. Here we have the one made by Tom Fletcher of the band McFly for his wife Giovanna. And guess what, Tom’s a huge fan of Disney characters. So guess what their newborn son is called. Yes, that’s right, Buzz! How cool is that?