15 Magnificent Caves from Around the World

At the mention of the word ‘caves’ most of us will probably think of cold, dark, cramped and generally inhospitable areas that also give us the chills. Caves are full of creepy crawlies, bats and things that go bump in the darkness, so where we are concerned, they are the type of place best avoided. Well like us, perhaps you are about to have your perceptions of caves changed forever, as it is clear there is more than one type of cave. It is also quite fascinating to think that where explorers are concerned, we are probably all as guilty as each other for assuming they only cover new territories and scale mountains. Nobody thinks about them disappearing into the center of the earth, not literally of course, just metaphorically speaking. It is hard to imagine the look of wonderment on the subterranean explorers’ faces who have discovered whole new worlds under the earth’s surface. However with the recent advancements in digital photography we now get to see for ourselves exactly how incredible these caves actually are.

As for where these caves actually are, well believe it or not, they can be found all over the world, from Vietnam to Mexico and Iceland to New Zealand. And when we say caves, we are talking about massive cathedral-like spaces with vaulted ceilings and incredible effects created through the introduction of high-intensity light. There is an air of fantasy, of magical mystery that comes with some of these caves, almost as though they had been created by Walt Disney himself. It is the colors though that we find most mesmerizing and fascinating. In addition, whether it is the icy blue of an ice cave or tranquil pastel-like shades from the more open-to-the-outside cave, when you place the human form at the center, it should be little surprise we look so incredibly insignificant. [h/t: Bored Panda]