15 Ways to Tell Everyone ‘Here Comes the Bride’

There are so many things to organize for your wedding, and so many people to organize too, excluding the bride and groom. Of course the younger the member of your wedding team, the more important the day seems to be for them. Perhaps that is why it is so important that your page boy and flower girl have something to keep them preoccupied for the early part of the occasion. Well in case you hadn’t guessed from this wonderful collection of images we have selected for you, announcing the arrival of the bride is pretty important. Whether it is a shared responsibility, or the responsibility of one person, having a stylish noticeboard announcing the arrival of the bride is extremely important. We are pleased to be able to show you a great selection of these, along with some very smart page boys and flower girls.

From heart-shaped boards to linen pendants, the choice of notice can be easily adapted to fit in perfectly with the theme of the wedding itself. We especially liked the image of the flower girl holding a pendant and wearing mini-me Ugg boots. We adored the formality of the page boy and flower girl in full evening dress sharing the duties as they carry a beribboned sign. You have to smile at the black and white photo of a young man wearing braces as he strolls down the aisle, and the smile of our favourite ‘model’ displaying the simple slate notice is totally infectious. Someone was clearly having the time of their life that day, in addition to the bride and groom. We think that many of you who have recently got married may well have had a similar notice at your wedding, and we’d love to see it, so why not upload it to our Facebook page?