19 Photographs of Seriously Stylish Kids

It is so cool that clothing for kids now allows them to be just as stylish as their parents. The problem is, the range of children’s clothing available today means that more often than not, your children could end up being better dressed than you. It is quite remarkable that with the correct clothing and accessories, a child can become a small adult or ‘little person’ in an instant. Do you have kids of your own? What do you opt for? Do they have outfits for ‘grown up’ occasions, or do you just dress them as kids in standard clothing? Believe it or not, but even at a very young age kids can become fashion conscious. And why not? We reckon that if you and your partner are smart dressers, your kids will want to emulate your style and class. Here are 39 examples that should help to convince you.

We particularly like the Texas oilman look in the first photograph. Even kids can look super-cool when they wear sunglasses too! And who thought a bow tie could look so fashionable, especially on someone so young. We also noticed that while jeans remain so popular, wearing a smart jacket with them changes the look from casual to smart in the blink of an eye. And with each and every outfit you look at, you can see that the kids love wearing them. Whether modelling an LBD or looking 60’s stylish in red, both girls are clearly born for the look they have adopted. What we do realize at Stylish Eve is that there are no restrictions to creating a stylish look for your kids. Why not see what you can do and introduce a new style icon to the world with Stylish Eve? [h/t: BoredPanda]