20 Beautiful Newborns in Baskets

At Stylish Eve we have been running a series of posts that include some wonderful images of newborns and babies in a series of poses. We have had babies on their own, black babies, twins, merbabies, baby selfies and triplets, and with over 30K likes in the short time since we posted these images on Stylish Eve, we reckon you really do like them. So, rather than leave you disappointed, we have managed to assemble another wonderful collection of photographs of the most beautiful babies we could find. This time we have them all delightfully and safely contained within baskets, and one wonders what the point of spending a fortune on a cot is when clearly all these babies are more than happy to sleep in a basket. It is a question that crops up each time we assemble a collection of images like this, but how do they manage to get babies to sleep so soundly?

The imagination and eye for detail that professional photographers have is always a delight to see in a good image. Here we have some truly delightful poses from babies that are clearly only a few days or weeks old. How amazing it is to be able to create such a perfect setting to encapsulate all that a newborn represents. The outdoors, nature and the seaside are logical settings. Soft delicate cloths, shawls and bedding ensure the delicate subjects are protected, and elements of clothing or accessories cleverly add to the naturalness of the image. All these children seem so peaceful so delicate, and so full of hope and promise for the future, and all have been beautifully captured to ensure these moments will never be forgotten.