20 of the Best Sofa Cake Ideas You Will Ever See

When I was told to write an article about sofa cakes I had this immediate idea of what was required. I was wrong however, as there is no such thing as a sofa cake – a cake specifically created to be eaten on a sofa. However there are a tremendous variety of sofa cakes out there, cakes which are a deliciously edible representation of a sofa. That’s right; you can buy a sofa cake, or even better, commission your local cake decorator to create one for you. When you think about it, there are plenty of times when a sofa cake would actually be a great idea to celebrate an event, especially as any day which involves cake is going to be a good one. You just can’t help but admire the imagination of so many of these clearly talented cake ‘artists’ who have gone beyond the usual call of duty.

From this fabulous selection of mouth-watering cakes it is obvious there are some popular times to have a sofa cake, especially for couples who have been married for some time, or ‘youths’ who seem to usually be permanently glued to the sofa whenever you see them. However I had to chuckle when I saw one of the cakes was a birthday cake for a 30-year old sofa! Clearly there are some television lovers who like nothing more than a night on the sofa in front of the TV, while other couples maybe like to have a cuddle up on the sofa instead. What we didn’t see was anyone with a sofa cake to celebrate moving house, or simply to celebrate getting a new sofa – after all, you can’t have too many excuses for cake. And finally, the favourite of them all – well that would be the one with a slice already waiting to be eaten!