21 Perfect Baby Bottom Cakes for Baby Showers

It never ceases to amaze us – the versatility of the creative processes that go into making a cake. Here we have one of the most amusing ideas, which is catching on like wild-fire. Baby bottom or baby rump cakes. And if you are wondering what these cakes are made to celebrate, you will most likely find one at a baby shower party. It seems that the idea of a baby with their head and body still stuck in a cake is representative of the baby not yet being ready for the outside world. Personally we think it is just an excuse for more cake, and the more excuses the better. We do think it is a great idea for a baby shower party as the intention is to have fun and a laugh. This type of cake will certainly take centre-stage after the real ‘bump’, that’s for certain.

And then comes the various designs. Yes, the general theme is of a baby’s bottom sticking up in the air, but the options after that are endless. Do you stick to a plain and simple finish or go the whole hog? How do you know what colour it should be if the sex of the baby isn’t known? It seems there are some safe colors that can be used, so don’t panic. We loved the variety of baby ‘underwear’, from plain to frilly and stripes in between, once again showing great creativity and imagination. We also found the interpretation on a baby’s anatomy fun – feet seem to be of a universal style, but legs are more varied. There is one final thing which worries us a little though. These cakes are seriously life-like – is it really that easy to eat a newborn baby?