23 Funny Lookalikes You Won’t Believe

How often has it happened to any of us? We’re walking down the street and something catches our eye. And the reason? Because it reminds us of something, or someone else. Apparently we all have a doppelganger somewhere on the planet – our ‘twin’ – and sometimes we even see them in real life, which can be a bit of a shock. However our ‘twin’ doesn’t always have to be another person, as this selection of brilliant images will clearly show you. There may be one individual characteristic that makes us stand out from the crowd, or it may just be a spooky coincidence. There are many instances where we see something and imagine how it could be something else, as typified in our article about Martin Feijoó, the cloud shaper who saw clouds as any number of things, and who would subsequently draw what his imagination allowed him to. Here you don’t have to draw anything, just let your imagination run riot! [h/t: Bored Banda]

How about Justin Timberlake’s hair and Ramen noodles for a start? Okay, we know that his image has changed a great deal from his N’Sync days, but we couldn’t resist this one.

If you have seen Pixar’s film Up you should be able to instantly recognise this gentleman as Carl. If you haven’t seen the film, we recommend you do – it is brilliant!

Now this one is seriously spooky as there is a very uncanny resemblance between the late Michael Jackson and the face on this Egyptian statue. Maybe reincarnation isn’t just a fantasy after all…..

We recently published a post with some fantastic dog lookalikes and we couldn’t resist including a few of our favorites here, especially this brilliant one of Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia.

Someone clearly has a wicked sense of humour as this is very funny indeed. That looks like a chocolate-coated marshmallow cookie to us – oh hang on, no, that’s a man’s head!

One doesn’t want to get too personal in the comparisons, but this troll really does bear more than a striking resemblance to the pop diva Nikki Minaj!

A favourite image of ours from the dog lookalike post – it really is hard to tell the two apart but we are assured the dog on the left is definitely real and not a plush toy!

Another frightening similarity between two characters, one of which starred in the Loony Tunes cartoons. This is more than just a lookalike!

Okay, the burning question here is whether the homeless man looks like a male catwalk model, or does the male catwalk model look like a homeless man?

Maybe some people are just not meant to wear tight dresses. However with both these images resembling caterpillars one should assume they both evolved into beautiful butterflies.

South Park will always remain a ground-breaking show on TV and we have always wondered what the characters, like Cartman, get up to in their spare time. Now we know – they ride the bus!

We couldn’t resist including this dog lookalike of Sir Richard Branson – funny doesn’t even begin to describe the similarity between the two.

Maybe Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus really were separated at birth after all! This is a very clever comparison of the two.

This is just too cute for words. The similarity between this girl and her doll is as though they were destined to meet…..

Is this photo a coincidence or planned? Either way it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to work out that maybe this is not the perfect style for clothes, or a smartphone cover!

Imagine stepping out of the shower, grabbing the first towel to hand, only to then discover you are wiping your face with a dog – a Shar Pei to be precise!

There was a time when an old shirt or tee would be torn up and used for dusters. Today it seems they are designing clothes just like the old-fashioned feather ones…..

It took us two goes before we realised there was a dog in the middle of this photograph!

Could you ever imagine a sentence which asks the question “What have Kim Kardashian, Mrs Doubtfire and a sofa got in common?”

Ooh that’s so cute and cuddly! The fluffy animal looks quite nice too!! Taylor Lautner doing his best to match the smouldering good looks of an Alpaca.

Yep, us too! We didn’t notice there was someone in the back of this car either!

Usually when someone is described as being like the Michelin Man, it is not a compliment. Here however, it is the perfect description of this adorable baby.

And finally…. the way not to chat up a woman by using the line “Ooh, you look just like a London Transport Oyster card.”!