25 Incredibly Clever Packaging Designs

Wherever we go and whatever we buy today, more and more items are being packaged. To many of us it seems totally insane, especially where food is concerned, as so much of it, especially fruit, comes in its own natural packaging, otherwise known as skin, peel, shell, or whatever. So maybe it has become an accepted norm for the sake of preserving products and improving hygienic presentation (do you really want to buy a peach that has been previously manhandled by 20 other people?), but it just doesn’t look natural. Cue the packaging designers and experts as they set about almost reinventing the wheel, but in a clever and excuse the pun, pithy way. We found 25 prime examples on Bored Panda we think hit the nail right on the head. There is almost a beautiful irony to some of the concepts and ideas, but maybe these will also stop and make us all think about whether we really need so much packaging.

In the meantime all we can do is marvel at the ingeniousness of some of these package designers and giggle at their tongue-in-cheek approach to what clearly was a brief ‘to be original’. What could be more original than creating a package for some fruit or fruit juice on the form of the natural product? Clearly ingenuity is also a key characteristic of the packaging designer – we were hugely impressed with the hexagonal jar for honey, allowing the product to be displayed in its more natural form. A sense of humor also seems to be a prerequisite for the designer, as can be witnessed with the dog chews, honey cereal bites, and Japanese pastry cookie. The cleverest part of all though is if you go through this list of 25 individual designs, we reckon you will remember most of the actual 25 package contents as everything is so clever and memorable.

Designed by Naoto Fukasawa Share on Facebook Tweet Google Plus

Designed by Naoto Fukasawa