25 Lace Wedding Cake Ideas

If you’re planning to be a traditional bride, decked in delicate lace and pearls, you’ll love these equally beautiful cakes with everything from sequins and tiny jewels to fabric flowers, cutouts, satin, ribbons, and chiffon. Wedding cakes have come a long way from several layers with plain white or ivory royal icing and topped with a stiff-looking plastic pair. Now they’re “glammed up” with trims that express the couple’s personalities, from tongue-in-cheek whimsy to warm sentiment. On groom’s cakes, you’ll encounter soccer fields, baseball stadiums, and golf greens, frosting in the colors of the bride and groom’s alma mater…or a blend of two schools’ shades in brilliant contrast. It only stood to reason that, eventually, the bride would want a cake just as personally complementary; these frothy creations are the answer.

For the bride who’s all-girl from the tip of her gossamer veil to the beading on her shoe, these cakes are dreams come true. Frosted in purest white, pale blue, ivory reminiscent of tea-dyed antique gowns, and even a peachy blush with Tinkerbell on top, these cakes are over-the-top feminine. Just as with an exquisite gown, much of the breathtaking beauty of the confections is in the detail. Alençon and Chantilly lace panels wrap around the top layer, edge the centers, and even grace the plates beneath these cakes. Fluttery butterfly ornaments, beaded clusters, and both marzipan and fresh floral accents cascade among the delicate tracery. They’re works of art…with a sweetness at their center. Take a look at these beauties, and you just might want a lace-trimmed cake of your own!