25 Ways Like Mother, Like Daughter

Yes, most of us have heard the expression ‘Like mother, like daughter’. However that expression is usually meant metaphorically speaking, not literally. The expression is normally used when a daughter displays the same nature or character as her mother. In addition, it can be applied if a daughter does something the same way her mother might do it, like reverse the car into a hydrant! We are joking of course, but we hope you understand what we mean. However here we have adopted the literal approach to the saying, and we have assembled a great array of 25 clever photographs for you to see just how much mothers and daughters are alike. There’s no denying it, and the most wonderful thing of all, is that daughters don’t have to be children for this to work, as you will see.

So what about the scenario? Well, posed pictures are perfect, but we suspect one or two of these were actually impromptu – check out sleeping mum and daughter. However we also love the more active poses – baby yoga has become very popular, and that works its way up through the ages as you can see here with two sets of photos by Laura Sykora. Body art also seems a popular choice for mutual interest between mother and daughter. However before you start thinking that having your child tattooed is terrible, we want to reassure you that only image transfers were used on the children in these photographs. We can’t say though that the kids won’t follow in their mother’s footsteps right down to the local tattoo parlor when they get older! Above all else though, from these photos it is clear there is a lot of loving going on between mothers and daughters.