28 Unusually Eye-Catching Meals Inspired by Japanese Cuisine

How many times as youngsters have we all been told not to play with our food? Well from where we are standing, it is very apparent that this is not something that has ever been told to the Japanese. Of course coming from Japan there is going to be heavy emphasis on creating elements with rice, but why not? If it works and allows for some amusing creativity, then by all means include rice in most of the ‘recipes’. Of course there is always the problem of food looking too good or too cute to eat, so you will have to choose your moments when you decide to try out any of these ideas. However if you have kids and you are having trouble getting them interested in food, maybe some of these fun ideas will do the trick for you.

We can’t be 100% certain but we believe the characterization of the rice, the adding of eyes, mouths etc. has been done using seaweed either infused with black food dye or soaked in squid ink. Whichever it is, it works incredibly well and it is remarkable how just a few tiny additions can bring a pile of rice ‘to life’. The sleeping egg cats in blankets are so adorable, while the pandas just look too cute to eat. The one which got the biggest ‘aww’ from us though was the marshmallow cat in coffee. Some serious research is going to take place to find out just how to make these adorable cats, or where you can buy them if they are available pre-made. Our prize for the best idea though goes to the bunny bread, purely because it is so simple to do, yet so incredible a transformation that we are convinced kids and adults alike will just love it. [h/t: Bored Panda]