30 Adorable Newborn Babies’ Photographs

Often it is not until our children are a little older that we consider having a professional take a selection of photos of them. Here we want to show you what everyone has been missing out on. We have thirty beautiful examples of just how wonderful newborn babies are and each showing just how delicate and precious new life is. We love how uncomplicated and simple the photos are, yet they all convey a very strong image. Innocence, purity and angelic-like appearances remind us just what a special time in life this is. How wonderful for the parents, and the babies, to have such incredible images to remind them of the earliest days of a special life. We especially admire the patience of all the photographers too. Have you noticed? All but one of the babies is fast asleep, and if you know newborns, getting them to sleep is no easy task!

We love the colour coordination and use of the softest and gentles of materials, especially for swaddling. The photographers have also given many of the images a retro 1920’s look which works perfectly. We love how a newborn who is asleep conveys such a strong image of peace, calm and contentment – that all is well with life. Each and every one of these professional photographers have shown the difference having the right person behind the camera can make. Children on their own look frail and delicate. The photographs of twins convey a beautiful message from each baby, “Don’t worry, you’ll be safe with me.” However, no matter how sweet, angelic and innocent the triplets look, it is impossible to not have mixed feelings – “how incredible” and “oh, the poor parents”. One thing is clear from all these images though. There are sixty very proud parents out there.