32 Glorious Pictures of Happy Children all with Three Things in Common

Nothing beats the sight or sound of children playing, of children being happy, having fun and enjoying themselves. These 32 clever photographs help to perfectly capture the innocence of youth and a complete sense of not having a care in the world. How curious it is that whether the children are in an impoverished country like Burkina Faso or Ethiopia, or in the appreciably wealthier United States or Italy, the smiles and air of happiness are no bigger or smaller, going to show that at a young age, money really makes little to no difference on levels of happiness. But let’s not get too far ahead of reality as these are beautiful photos, but many of them taken within a harsh living environment where survival to adulthood for some is not guaranteed.

So have you worked out what all these photos have in common? Okay, let’s start with the easy one; they are all photos of happy children who are playing around. That is clear to see, but another thing all these children have in common is what you can’t see. Nowhere is there a sign of a games console, or expensive trainers – some of the kids don’t even have any footwear but they don’t look unhappy despite the fact. Nowhere is there a skateboard, bicycle or scooter, all of which cost money. Instead these kids make do with a bit of imagination, lots of help from Mother Nature, and a few scrap items found lying around. They make their own entertainment rather than have it bought for them, and do they seem underprivileged or unhappy? No. So why do you think that is the case? Maybe it is because of the third thing all these children clearly have in common, an abundance of love. All that children need to be happy is love, security, food and shelter – the materialistic things in life are simply additions, not essential items, and no present can make you happy if you are not loved in the first place. [h/t: Bored Panda]