5 Creative Photo Shoot Ideas to Celebrate Every Month of Your Pregnancy

Hello and congratulations to our expecting Stylish Eve fans! We are so excited that you will soon have a new bundle of joy in your life. I recently became a fifth-time mom, so with that in mind, it is only fitting that I share five awesome ways with you to celebrate your pregnancy month by month. Whether you already have kids or not, these cute and fun ideas will help you to create an amazing photo shoot of your pregnancy journey. So let’s move on to these perfect photo shoot ideas!

1. Inflating your Belly with Air via a Tire Air Hose

I have to admit, this is one of the most creative photo shoot ideas that I have ever seen. If you can find a clean gas station to use each month (no trash or graffiti), and don’t mind people staring at you, this is a really neat idea. As a couple you can really put your acting skills to the test. If you are a fun-loving couple, this idea is perfect for you.

2. Positive Pregnancy Test and Newborn

A creative way to do a pregnancy test photo is to combine it with other photos showing the beginning of your pregnancy journey, the end of your pregnancy journey, and the beginning of your journey as a new mom. This is idea is perfect for a first-time mom.

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3. The Top View of the Emerging and Growing Belly

This is a view that often is not seen by anyone but you; it is the top-down view of your belly. With this photo shoot idea you can let the world know what you see every time you look down. I call this the “mommy perspective”.

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4. The Countdown

A fun way to get the siblings of your baby-to-be involved in the pregnancy is doing a ‘countdown’ to delivery day. In this shoot you will take a photo each month, with each of the children holding a sign announcing how many months along you are. This is a neat way to help big brothers and sisters connect with the baby before he or she arrives.

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5. The Classic Tummy Timeline

The simplest pregnancy photo shoot idea is to create a “tummy timeline”. No glitz or glam, just a simple pose showing off your growing belly can be one of the most beautiful photo collections you ever create.

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At the end of the day, there are many creative ways that you can count down to the day your baby is born. You have at least a good two months from the day that you find out you are pregnant to pick a great idea to show off your growing tummy. If you have already created a pregnancy photo collection we would love to see it, so please share your photos over at our Facebook page.