5 Decorative Washstands for a Stylish Bathroom

If you think that the washbasin furniture can’t be very aesthetic, know that there are now very original designs that will bring a decorative style to your contemporary bathroom. Here are 5 trendy models to inspire you. To change from the traditional white and bring warmth to the bathroom, you can choose a wooden washstand; Associated with white, it will create a very trendy Scandinavian spirit. To add a touch of elegance to your bathroom, you can choose a piece of furniture in the form of a console in which the sink can fit. This kind of furniture brings an attractive feminine & romantic ambience to the place. To not take any floor space while being practical and decorative, go for a washstand that attaches to the wall like a shelf. The washbasin arises directly from the worktop and you get a storage drawer in addition. To give a little masculine touch, you can choose to leave the apparent structure of the basin. This can give a metal pedestal with a few shelves to put towels. To bring a very futuristic and original look to the bathroom, you can opt for an ultra-modern piece of furniture in curved lines for example to create the originality.

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