51 Square Meter Small Apartment Design in Belgrade

If you have a relatively small apartment, and want to get inspired on how to design and furnish it in a way that makes it comfortable and not bulky, then this is a very useful and amazing example for you. This apartment is of 51 square meters and is well designed using great furniture and beautiful colors in a way that gives you space while providing you with all that you would need. The spaces in this apartment are utilized in a smart way that resulted in a great design. The living room is so bright, cheerful, and it is designed in a way that leaves some free space to make the room more comfortable and inviting. The walls and ceiling are painted white, while printed wallpaper in a lovely blue color is used on one wall which really makes the room cheerful and grabs the attraction to the colors. Furniture also comes in white in this room; you can see two white sofas placed perpendicular to each other, and in front of them there’re two white nesting tables. The living room also includes a small dining set consisting of a white table and four white chairs, and the surface of the dining table is covered with round glass that comes in light, transparent blue color to match with the blue wall.

A simple, white LCD wall unit is placed with drawers and shelves for storage, and an LCD is placed on it. A shelving unit is placed at the back of the room to allow more storage in an organized, tidy way. To make this room very practical, a small open kitchen is found at the entrance of the room beside the door. This small open kitchen includes a small cabinetry, a double sink, a cooker, and a refrigerator; all these occupy a small space and are stacked next to each other in a decorative manner. The noticeable thing about this room is that you can find a lot of decorative touches that come in a very high taste. Amazing portraits, vases, mugs in matching colors with the walls, plants, and more are distributed in the room to aid in its beauty and make it more cheerful and colorful and also printed cushions are thrown on the white sofas to add color. Another room includes a sofa bed that comes in grey, where colored and printed cushions are put over it. Against the sofa bed, there’s a very simple, white dresser that only includes two drawers, and a small stool is placed in front of it. Some mirrors are hung above the dresser in a really amazing way. The frames of the mirror are unique and add a lot of style to the room.

The distinctive thing in this room is that the wall behind the dresser is made of white rocks, which give a special touch to the place. The bedroom includes two single beds and a desk with a small shelving unit to finish any work that you have, and store your stuff, like books or papers, in an organized way. This bedroom comes in cheerful colors; great wallpaper is used and the bedding comes in blue, and yellow touches are seen through some pillows and the chair of the desk. The bathroom is small but splendid; dark walls are used while small ceramic tiles in grey and black hues are placed to add a very chic ambiance. White bathroom appliances are used that are modern and a shower tray is surrounded by a glass enclosure. In the hallway, beautiful eye catching wallpaper is used beside the apartment door to give a unique style. Lighting is really taken care of in this apartment; lighting fixtures in various designs and colors are added in all rooms in a way that makes them enlightened. This apartment is a great example of an amazing design for relatively small spaces.

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