8 Ideas to Optimize the Space of a Small Bathroom

With nowadays’ small studios and tiny apartments, the more the interior gets smaller the more the bathroom space gets limited. But the bathroom could be an excellent example of how easily you can optimize the small space; fortunately, furniture, storage units and decoration can make these few square meters an intimate and warm place where you feel good. As we know; light colors enlarge the space visually, therefore they are welcomed in a small bathroom. However, the all-white atmosphere can bring a boring look, choose soft pastel colors like pink, pearl, rose, or light grayed blue for example. You can also paint a wall in a tonic color like mimosa yellow or orange mango, but be careful not to saturate the bathroom in bright colors to not obtain a non-desirable “box” effect. Many solutions in terms of furniture are available today for small bathrooms. Choose first a practical washstand; many models are available in small sizes, sometimes with an additional storage drawer or cabinet, a towel holder or even removable shelves. Hand washers are also available with a small cabinet and a toilet paper holder is included. For the mirror, think of a cabinet mirror that allows you to store your toiletries above the sink. The place may be missing on the floor but you still have the walls! Maximize the space using the vertical surface that’s often not exploited to hang various storage accessories; the horizontal bars for the towel, or the storage units in fabric that can be hung behind the door of the bathroom for example. Choose vertical furniture that can reach to the ceiling; the shower curtain with pockets is an ideal solution.

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