A Bright Eclectic Miami Home with Asian Influence by B Pila Design

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The first thing you may notice when you enter the Fernandez home in Miami is…pink! Glimpses of it are everywhere: on the couch and print chairs in the living room area, in an abstract art piece on the wall, and bounced off geometric panels on the bar. Interestingly enough, these splashes of this rosy color help to unify what is in reality an eclectic house, a collection of diverse elements existing peacefully together. There is the straight-ahead Oriental rug under the modern foyer table; Asian influences in statuary, ceramics, even bamboo screening and a gong in one window; and, in a loft, a sleek ebony baby grand piano. When presented with all this interesting “stuff,” it’s no small task to get it to all work together, but B Pila Design comes up with a way.

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The décor is modern — clear tabletops, shining black glossy tile “rug” in the living room — with a touch of Art Deco: witness the wrought-iron bar stools and reflecting glass panels — playing off the serenity of Asia. The streamlined clear-glass stairway gives a literal floating feeling to the loft, piano and all. Off the living room appears the hint of stainless steel kitchen; out the windows, a slice of outdoor courtyard full of greenery, paired with sky views from long windows on the ground floor and echoed in smaller forms in the loft. Below all is off-white travertine flooring, another unifying element. More warmth exudes from slim hanging lights and recessed spots, giving a “gallery” feel to art on the walls and the music alcove above. Seen in total, the Fernandez home is nothing if not serendipitous ¬— but it’s a happy combination.

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