A Bright Future for a Villa in Tanzania

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This villa at Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, is a soon-to-be-unveiled “bungalow” that the designers from Antoni Associates describe as follows: “… this private villa blends classical and contemporary architecture. The interiors are bold…with opulent finishes.” That’s a fine description as far as it goes; in this particular dwelling, classical and contemporary blend with dignity and elegance. Witness the white stone façade, two stories high; its pillared portico covers the stone drive, enabling guests to be brought directly to the door – in rainy weather, that’s a particularly welcome feature for any home. The wide driveway extends around the house; landscaping surrounds it, and the home, in a sea of green. Once inside, modern elements take over — but always with restraint; the foyer is lit by recessed lighting complemented by a feather-light modern brass chandelier.

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Light and color ensue: a cascade in pink highlights a doorway, and a stream of cool green light topped with tiny “star” bulbs mimics a night sky in the master suite. A separate alcove holds a sitting area and entertainment center, once again backlit in the same cool pale green, in counterpoint to creamy walls and furnishings. An ultra-modern kitchen holds sleek ebony and stainless-steel appliances, stores china and glassware in glass-fronted shelving, and an eat-in option with table and chairs plus a wood-topped center island. Finally, there’s the crowning touch: a vast pool that stretches the length of the house with a circular spa, complete with cascades, in addition to fountains at one end; the whole is set in magnificent white stone and edged with lavish plantings. It all adds up to new, luxurious, and contemporary — with class.

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