A Cape Town Home that Blurs the Lines Beautifully by Antoni Associates

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When you look at pictures of First Crescent, you may wonder where the interior ends and the exterior begins — and you won’t be alone. That blurring of the lines between spaces, and even elements of the outdoor space, one to another is, by design, or by Antoni Associates to be exact, who say, “Sleek and chic, this minimalist home is an architectural statement that celebrates its location. The living spaces are highly transparent, take full advantage of the dramatic views.” Celebrating its location is natural: the house is surrounded by rugged countryside that is, itself, perpetually changing in the shifting light of sun, sky, and water. And the water, too, is an integral part of this home: so seamlessly does deck segue into pool that in certain light, you’re not sure which is which.

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Elementally, the house is a long rectangle, tucked into the hillside as if organic to it — both levels seeming to lie “low to the ground.” Interior spaces are quiet with neutrals — gray, brown, and white in the seating and entertainment areas; sand and cream in the master suite — that play supporting roles to the views through floor-to-ceiling glass and sliding doors. Just beyond the sitting area, a clear table and casual chrome-and-white chairs make serving from the sleek kitchen a simple matter. There’s no lamp clutter here: recessed lighting complements the “skylight” effect of sun between overhangs during the day and illuminates the space by night. But, mostly, this house is about outdoor enjoyment, from the infinity pool to the endless vistas you’ll see from every room — and step out to enjoy when the mood strikes.

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