A Home Filled with Color: The Adams Residence in Utah By Rob E McQuay Architects

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Artists looking for inspiration could do far worse than studying the Adams house, as rendered by Rob E McQuay and Associates. From the rise of natural “painted” stone, behind the house and through its doors and beyond, a never-ending spectrum of beauty meets the eye. Exterior walls blend with sand-toned and multicolored native rock; a desert front yard is livened by grasses and plantings in pale greens and blues. From the lighted front steps, interiors shine through walls of glass, illuminated by recessed and indirect lighting. Natural light brightens a kitchen featuring checkerboard-upholstered chairs in vivid pinks, greens and browns, and warms the living room with its rustic stone fireplace. Played off with this light, by contrast, is the cool blue of water.

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One cascade trickles down from a raised courtyard beneath a glass-enclosed passage; another moves over three levels of rock, through lush foliage, and into a pond under a graceful footbridge. From the al fresco seating area, it’s only steps to a refreshing swim, surrounded by palms that pick up the balmy evening breeze. Guests have their choice of indoor or outdoor dining tables, sumptuous loungers big enough for two, or casual seating before the fireplace or in the media room. And, as if the plethora of hues from stone accents, uplighting, and foliage were not enough, modern framed art injects yet more color into the scene, set against neutral-toned walls for maximum impact. Yes, the byword at the Adams home is “color” — the key to the open, inviting design of Rob E McQuay.

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