A Home that Incorporates the Clients’ Art Collection by Antoni Associates

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From its distinctive fireplace to the presence of the clients’ art collection, this exclusive Clifton apartment at Eventide 902, in Cape Town, is an expression of “home” by Antoni Associates. As the designers say, “The interior combines a classic style with contemporary living. Here, white on white creates dramatic interiors, incorporating the clients’ private collection of South African art and sculpture.” Although use of white-on-white is true to the “gallery” sort of feel that displaying a collection can have, this home is far from a passive museum. It’s an eminently livable space, with great scenery inside and out. One seating alcove, with its sleek gray sofa and fireplace, bears sculpture that blends into the room seamlessly; a “steampunk”-feeling painting shows contrasts its color with the white-and-stainless kitchen. In living room and hallways, statues stand side-by-side with modern details.

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But two other areas of artistry also show themselves in this apartment, areas that are more about the genius of design on other levels. One is a cozy wine cellar, with room enough for a table and four chairs accented by one swirling modern piece — and bottles at the ready for convivial sampling. The other is a magnificent outdoor living space: under a timbered lattice overhang, this area speaks nothing but “comfort” and casual enjoyment. Here, the mood is relaxed; here, the colors are refreshing blues and whites, enlivened by greenery in wooden box planters and the endlessly fascinating ocean panorama. Yes, Eventide 902 is a showplace for art — by both artists and nature. And both are beautiful to behold.

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