A Home that Says “Hooray for Hollywood” by B. Pila Design Studio, Miami

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Imagine the “digs” of a movie star, close your eyes…and open them up to see the Katz residence by B. Pila Design Studio. Enter through a gallery hallway, discreetly lighted by recessed spots that show off splashes of blue and purple amid the sedate, rich seating arrangement — and you’re clearly in “star” territory. There’s a butterfly on the wall, in indigo, purple and gold; glass sculptures seem to float from floors and perch, ready for flight from tables. The furniture? Straight off a film noir set in all its Art Deco glory. But it’s the silver-screen whimsy here that tips you off that you’re in the lair of someone who understands “glam.” It’s in the movie-star portraits…in the “Oscars” of oversized glass…in the many “totem poles” that live here. Finally, it’s in the graceful piece, looking like a dancer in pirouette, poised on the edge of a bathtub.

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What works with all the quirky art? Neutrals — but no ordinary bland beiges or browns. These are rich, buttery creams (as in the furniture in the entryway, dining room and living room); the palest of mauves and whispers of pastel blue-grays (in the bathroom); and smooth ivory leather, shining stainless steel, and pale wood grain (in the kitchen). The other dazzling surprise among the midnights and violets is fiery orange, red, and a smattering of lime green: in a hanging ornament in front of the window, in a bowl on the clear-glass table, in flowers. And around it all, glorious windows to show it off. The Katz house may not be the abode of an Academy Award maven, but you’ll definitely see “Hollywood” here.

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