A Modern Family Home in Lower Manhattan by Robert Young Architecture

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The gentrification of parts of the Lower East Side of Manhattan has been a boon for designers and architects, like Robert Young. Buildings that once were vacant above the storefront level, with outdated living spaces that hadn’t been improved for generations, have been updated, upscaled, and upgraded into loft apartments that young singles and families are snapping up. They love the modern touches such as this residence’s open floor plan — its eat-in kitchen has a wood grain center island with stools for quick snacks, in addition to the dining area next to the stairs. And, thanks to the way these buildings were originally constructed, they feature high ceilings that adapt well to skylights, and tall windows that further contribute to a light, airy atmosphere.

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Just paces from the kitchen is a living room area with a cozy fireplace, curl-up comfy seating, and beige-toned rug. Polished wood floors lead you to the teal-blue leather-look stairway that “pops” against the white walls and provides a classy backdrop for the framed modern art around you. Upstairs you’ll find three bedrooms — one, a compact nursery with fun “astronaut” art on the walls; a second, heavenly blue with soaring hot-air balloon print on the walls and bookshelves for treasures; and the third, the master, a rich chocolate brown with soothing white accents. Finally, there’s the bathroom, in a moss-green palette with accents of shimmering reflective art and white stone above the sink and mirrors. With top-notch touches throughout, this Orchard Street loft is indeed a modern family home with room to grow.

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