A Perfect Spot for Entertaining in Atlanta — Peachtree Battle by Castro Design Studios

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This is a house made for casual comfort from start to finish; from the tiny balcony above the double garage doors to the wine cellar and pool, Peachtree Battle in Atlanta encourages you to relax and let your hair down — courtesy of home design by Castro Design Studios. Perhaps start the morning sipping coffee in the living room, a soothing oasis of sand and cream colors and traditional furniture; through the French doors and out to the balcony, fresh air and sunshine await. Plan a swim party with friends for later — the back yard is manicured, cool, and green, the stone patio surrounded by shrubbery and flowers. Artistic guests will enjoy the modern sculpture, such as the “branch” piece tucked into its own lighted alcove next to a handy wet bar/sink — but everyone will enjoy the other surprise of this house: the wine cellar.

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With its climate-controlled room next to a plush couch surrounded by bookshelves, this cellar invites sampling, comparing, and even a bit of fun gossip. As they do so, guests can filter in and out of the house without fuss: natural stone floors make these rooms not only ideal for entertaining but easy-care when it’s time for cleanup. In the evening, lounging in front of the outdoor fireplace built into the wall gives you a choice: cushions on the chairs, or plain wood. And at the end of the day, a pampering experience is at hand in the clean-lined bath with its deep rectangular sink and arched shower doorways for just that extra touch of elegance. From daybreak until dark, Peachtree Battle is a welcoming, relaxing space…for all.

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