A Simple DIY Way to Make your Own EOS Lip Balm

EOS lip balm is incredibly popular, so we already know you will love this DIY tutorial from Australeya, enabling you to reuse our old EOS containers for a new batch of lip balm, rather than just throwing them out with the rubbish. We haven’t seen much of Australeya before, but judging from the great ideas she has and the way she makes everything seem so simple and uncomplicated, we don’t think this is the last we will be hearing of her. We were also interested to see that in this particular version of the EOS lip balm she preferred to use Vaseline. We have nothing against that, other than to perhaps mention that if you prefer a more organic and natural form of balm, then consider using beeswax instead. The upside of that is it means you won’t need to use any crayons to firm up the balm. However we are aware that some of you may suffer from propolis – an allergy to beeswax – so if you are not sure, just try a little balm on a small part of your lip first to check for any reaction.

We are all for reusing a previous balm container for your homemade lip balm, it makes such perfect sense and after all, doesn’t your own balm deserve an equally well-made container as store-bought balm? With the right ingredients we can definitely see this DIY tutorial being useful around the holidays, though as Australeya says, “It can take a couple of tries to create the mixture correctly”. Once you find the correct mixture that suits the consistency you are looking for, you may never need to buy lip gloss from the store again. We reckon after a couple of goes you will have perfected the art of making your own EOS lip gloss, so don’t be a stranger to our Facebook page where you can upload the results of your efforts for us all to see.