A True Indoor-Outdoor Blend: Deervale Drive Project by Whipple Russell Architects

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A vision of “California living” is well-actualized in this modern, no-frills home on Deervale Drive in Sherman Oaks by Whipple Russell Architects. Step onto the property and graceful, waving palms greet you, ushering you into a world where indoors and outdoors combine in comfort. The back of the property — greenery, patio, and water — is a true retreat: a mix of shaded sitting areas and open space ready for fun. Splash in the uniquely shaped pool, then pause for a refreshment from the outdoor cooking area. Or, do morning laps, then relax only steps away in a living room that’s half al fresco and half true “interior,” with pool deck segueing effortlessly into natural stone floors and a plush rug. With a flat-screen TV and a dining table ready for a crowd, this space is ideal for entertaining, anytime.

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Serenity is the name of the game here: the smooth oak table and chairs with neutral-toned cushions allow a leisurely view of Eastern statuary and modern murals. From the outside, sunshine pours in; on the inside, a “chandelier” of rectangular rows of bulbs provides dinnertime atmosphere. Down the hallway, skylights filter light from above through “leaves” that seem to hang suspended in midair. In the bathroom, a deep glass bowl sink allows for easy hand washing, while a shower and soaking tub await for further pampering. Cabinetry is a rich mahogany tone; mirrors are slim vertical rectangles with indirect lighting that gleams off the polished wood floor. Bedrooms allow shaded light and fresh air through the blinds; a wall of mirror reflects a contemporary floral portrait above the mahogany bed. In every room, this Deervale Drive dwelling welcomes you to the California “good life” in style.

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