A Truly “Select” Pool and Landscape Design by COS Design, Melbourne

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Open latticework dividers and circular wall art, in contrast with a vivid blue rectangle of pool and spa, spotlight the creativity of Selection from COS Design. Latticework is indeed a prime feature here; its neutral earth toned screening separates one portion of this backyard fun space from another. But it’s not the only clever architectural element present: at a handy table and bench seating — perfect for a casual glass of wine — and forming transitional areas between poolside and dining table, red-toned wood decking and red brick warm the surroundings, harmonizing with the interior of the home’s décor. Lights, positioned to highlight plantings and paths from below, reflect the gleaming surfaces of pool tiles, native stone walkways, and the trickle of slowly cascading water features.

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But the pools are the true stars of this arrangement: one, in a deep blue tile with matching spa, seems to emerge from the wood decking almost organically. Partially sheltered by the extended roof of the home, it is edged with white concrete planters and palms that seamlessly join two sections of the outdoor “room”. The second pool, edged with native plants, more openwork sculpture, greenery, and uplighting, is a study in subtlety with its triple fountain and natural-stone edging all round; a slate-blue pergola at one end matches lounge chairs at the ready for swimmers relaxing after their water workout. By day, Selection is an oasis with multiple levels and uses; after dark, it is a gleaming jewel of delicate tracery and shimmering water that twinkles against the indigo of the night sky.

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