A Very Talented Girl Performs a Brilliant Hip-Hop Hula Hooping Routine

What happens when hip hop and hula hooping mix? Well according to this video, some pretty awesome things! If you think it is unlikely that you would ever fork out money to see someone perform hip hop hula hooping, well today I just may change your mind. This creative fireball of a performer remains unnamed, but she certainly has the potential to become the next huge star that no one ever saw coming. I am thinking that an audition at America’s Got Talent is most definitely in order. I would definitely pay money to see her perform; there are so many ways that she could grow her act and be a regular attraction on YouTube and in Vegas.

If you follow America’s Got Talent at all, hip-hop violinist and dancer, Lindsey Stirling, earned her way to fame by taking her unique talent, playing a violin while dancing, to the show. The show is a great way to expose people to unique acts that they may have never seen before. The days of being shipped off to join the circus when your talent doesn’t quite conform to coloring inside the lines is over. This fantastically talented hip-hop hula hooper is a mystery for the moment, but I would love to see you, the Stylish Eve fans, show off your most unique talents. Who knows, maybe you will become the next YouTube sensation. If you think that you have talent that will turn heads, leave your video in the comments section of the Stylish Eve Facebook page .

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  1. her name is rachel lust. this is an early vid of her