Acne Fall/Winter 2012 Menswear Collection

Acne fashion house has released a youthful and stunning fall/winter 2012 collection for menswear. In fact, besides being youthful and stunning, that collection has some touches of fun & wit in sort of an elegant way. The designer behind that collection is Jonny Johansson. Johansson has made all his efforts to create that funny, youthful and elegant collection, only for men! One of the things that has contributed in giving the collection those features is the colors. The designer has relied on using a contrasted group of colors. For example, he’s combined dark colors like; black, dark blue and dark grey with bright colors like; red tomato, white and duck egg blue. Other things that have contributed in that are the textures and the prints used. Combining between those colors, prints & textures; the designer has been able to present all of his youthful & stunning fashion trends. Are you curious to know those fashion trends?! Of course, you are! So, let’s take a look at that collection. The most seen pieces in that collection are the pants which came in different lengths. Some of those pants came in heart shaped prints. While other pants have been made either of leather or wool. To add the sense of youth and wit, yet creativity, the designer has introduced those different length pants layered over each other! Can you imagine that?! Besides that, the collection has also included various styles of sweaters. For example, the collection has introduced fluffy mohair sweaters which have come in either red tomato or duck egg blue color, and a navy sweater knit with intarsia hearts. Besides the various styles of  pants & sweaters, the collection has also presented various styles of jackets like; suit jackets, quilted jackets and leather jackets with fur collars. Besides all of those last mentioned pieces, the designer has also presented various styles of coats like; trench coats and quilted coats. All of those fashion trends have been bounced between the wit and elegance. Besides that, they’re totally irresistible! So, gentlemen, enjoy having that witty and elegant Acne fall/winter 2012 menswear collection.

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