14 Adorable Merbaby (Baby Mermaid) Photographs

Some sights in life just make you want to go “awww”, and we reckon this selection of adorable ‘merbabies’ will have just that very effect on you. The early years in your child’s life are so precious, so why not indulge in a little fantasy and memory making? After all, your children will have grown up before you even have time to stop and notice, and it is at that time you will be so glad you have a box full of beautiful memories to keep you company. As to why babies look so cute as merbabies, well that is a difficult one to answer. In plain and simple terms, ‘they just do’! However we have to tip our hat to some of the photographers whose images we have used; they clearly have an exceptional ability to capture a precious moment in a child’s life.

We’ll admit that there is nothing more beautiful than a sleeping baby, but when that baby is a merbaby then the look is even more serene. We just can’t help but feel all gooey inside when looking at such sweet and innocent ‘poses’. Oh how lovely it would be to think that such young children had any sense of style whatsoever, but truth be told they would be happy wearing anything at all. However it is impossible not to enjoy the clever heavy cable knit and crocheted mermaid costumes these maritime creatures are clothed in. How delicate and tasteful the seashell bikini tops are, and how delightful the little seashell and starfish adornments look. One thing is for sure with all these photographs, these are very happy, very contented, and from the look on one or two faces, very curious children in these lovely images.