An Adventure in Contrasts: Willoughby by Secret Gardens

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With a fantastic interplay of warm and cool elements, this New South Wales residence boasts a front and back garden that form a wonderful counterpoint to each other in a tidy design by Sydney’s own Secret Gardens. Approach the main entrance of the home and you see a classic plan that complements a period home: sandstone paving, ornamental pears, lilly pillys, gardenias, buxus hedges, and a gorgeous dark stone circular water fountain. It’s an epitome of well-trimmed, tailored, and cool elegance that befits the front porch with its dignified pillars and brick-and-stucco façade. However, go into the back yard, and the space tells a totally different story! There the clients, who love to entertain, ordered a modern, colorful space that would say “welcome” to all.

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Modern and colorful is exactly what they get here: green space extends the living room through expansive glass doors in a seamless connection with the yard, where bright red benches with striped upholstery continue the warm ambience of indoors and echo the colors of the couch. Reddish-toned wood grain continues the wrap-around warmth, surrounding a lovely cantilevered shade spot with alfresco dining table and outdoor kitchen. But the drawing card here? No doubt it’s the striking pool, in the shelter of a magnificent palm and neatly tucked behind a clear glass wall that delineates the space and makes a clever room for an outdoor shower. Ready for splash parties, this oasis of water and greenery is elegantly sophisticated from the curb and great fun within, a truly special place from Secret Gardens.

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