Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2012 Menswear Collection

Alexander McQueen fashion house has revealed its fall/winter 2012 menswear collection. I can say nothing about that collection except that it’s so elegant and classy, yet up-to-date. The designer behind that elegant collection is Sarah Burton. Sarah Burton has got inspired in that full collection by the Victorian British characters like; the game keepers, lords, dandies and boxers! You can say that Sarah has mixed between the vintage and modern touches to give the men’s community a classy and an elegant, yet up-to-date collection. The designer has relied on using very classy colors like; black, dark grey and white. On the other hand, Sarah has relied on using very rich and you may even say luxurious materials like; wool, cashmere, leather and fur. She’s also used the pinstriped fabrics which have a very luxurious look. I think after knowing what colors and fabrics the designer has used, nothing’s left except knowing what are the pieces included in the Alexander McQueen fall/winter 2012 menswear collection. The most glamorous items that the collection has included are the power suits. Some of those power suits have been grafted with either fur, satin or some trappings whether on the lapels or on the full suit jacket! While the others have been made from the pinstriped fabrics. In fact, those pinstriped fabrics used have very luxurious looks. Of course, that has been reflected on the way that the power suits looked. Besides the luxurious power suits, the collection has included double-breasted cashmere coats and black feather coats. Besides that, the collection has also included bomber jackets. Some of the bomber jackets have been grafted with leather at the torsos and pockets. You have to know that the bomber jackets and the coats have been paired with either tight pleat-front trousers or skin-tight Bermuda trousers. By that way, the designer has succeeded to achieve what she wants from keeping on the vintage & modern touches besides the elegance of course. That’s just it! Now, I can say “Good Byes!” and leave you with yourself to watch that glamorous collection, so enjoy.

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