Alexis Mabille Fall/Winter 2012 Menswear Collection

Are you one of those vintage style admirers?! If so, I can tell you that you may find what you wish for in the fall/winter 2012 menswear collection presented by Alexis Mabille. Alexis Mabille has presented many glamorous and classy fashion trends for men to wear in the fall/winter season. Alexis Mabille has been inspired by King Henry VIII during creating that collection. That inspiration hasn’t just been shown on the classic and formal outfits presented by Alexis Mabille, but also included the casual wear! You can say that King Henry VIII has inspired Alexis Mabille in every item presented in that 2012 fall/winter fashion trends from toe to head! You can see that by yourself in the pictures below! What about having a short & speedy chat about Alexis Mabille fall/winter 2012 menswear collection?! Since you’re one of the vintage and may be even the royal looks’ admirers, you’ll find yourself wearing any of the following Alexis Mabille’s fall fashion trends; ample top-coats, leather nipped-in jackets and leather vests, that’s besides lace shirts, satin shirts and lace T-shirts. You have to know that not all the t-shirts presented by Alexis Mabille have been made of lace, Alexis has also presented some cotton t-shirts but are also grafted with lace! Besides all the last mentioned items, Mabille has presented tight pants. Some of those presented pants have been made of satin. Alexis Mabille has also revived the trompe leathered high boots. Finally, I think there’s nothing more to say about Alexis Mabille fall/winter 2012 men’s fashion trends. Just prepare yourself for getting rid of your modern cloth pieces and prepare for being vintaged!!

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