Amazing Door Prints by Karim Rashid

Even the simplest touches can have the largest impacts. If you have a plain room that is starting to look boring, then some changes must take place. If you don’t want to make huge changes, or your budget doesn’t allow, then you must go for something that can be simple, but quite noticeable. Karim Rashid offers a new collection of amazing door prints, which is a really smart move. These prints are so eye catching, and will definitely change the overall look of any room that they are added to. Imagine adding any of the prints presented in this collection to the door of your bedroom, for example. If you have a plain room, one of these prints will make the change, and all of this is with just one step; a print on the door. Karim Rashid’s collection is really varied; you can find various prints that come in many different colors to choose the perfect for you and what matches with the colors of the room that the prints will be added to its door. The amazing thing about these prints is that some of them can be great for kids and teens, so if you want to add these prints to all the doors of the house, you can find suitable prints for all of the family. These prints are unique, and it’s very hard to check them without loving more than one. They will make any room shine and will reflect a colorful ambiance to it. Complete the look by painting the walls colors that match with the room, or with a contrasting color to make the door pop, and get a plant, some accessories, or make the bedding in matching colors for the perfect overall look.

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