Amazing Kitchen and Dining Space Combined in a Contemporary Design

Having your kitchen and dining space combined is something really smart and cozy. This idea saves a lot of time and effort. It makes everything easily reached, and you don’t have to walk a long distance holding the food till you reach the dining table. This is a contemporary design of a kitchen and dining space combined in a really amazing way that looks very chic. The whole design comes in the traditional black and white contrast which is timeless and never looks odd. The kitchen includes everything you want in a really organized and utilized way. White cabinetry and a black countertop look really chic. The cabinetry includes built-in cooker and sink. The cooker is electrical and really amazing having heat zones and grill zones, and a cooker hood is added above it in a modern design. Another area includes a built-in refrigerator, stove, and shelves and drawers for storage. The cabinetry is very functional and includes plenty of drawers and shelves to store various kitchen stuff even the inside of the drawers is functional and divided into portions to keep stuff in an organized way. Kitchen utensils are hanged against the wall on hangers just above the cooker to make it easy to get them when wanted. The dining space is really chic and organized. It includes a striped L-shaped sofa, large dining table, and beige chairs. A dangling light fixture is placed just above the dining table in a rectangular black and white chic, modern design.

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