Amazing Shared Kids’ Room Ideas

Having two kids sharing the same room is something we see in almost all houses, and many parents want to design the room in a perfect way that utilizes the space available, and gives every kid his own space all while giving their kids a cheerful and lovely room. This post offers a collection of shared kids’ room ideas that are all really amazing, these shared rooms can be for boys, girls, or both. All of the rooms look perfect for kids; they are full of lovely colors to make the rooms bright and cheerful, and designs are amazing to give an organized room while giving each kid his own space. If this room is designed for girls, then make sure to make it cute, with feminine accents, and in girly colors. Girls always love pink, white, yellow, light blue and soft green. Get each girl a single bed, shelves, a nightstand, a closet, and a studying desk. If the space doesn’t allow, then you can get a bigger closet and make your girls share it, and a long desk that two girls can sit on it.

If your girls want to have more privacy, you can make a shelf separator between the beds this idea gives each girl a private space, and the shelves give you lots of storage spaces to store your girls’ stuff. You can mix two or more colors in the same room as long as they match, because girls love colors and don’t mind having a colorful bedroom. The same ideas can be applied for boys, but make sure to choose more bold colors that are more suitable for boys like blue, green, and white. Now if the room is shared between boys and girls, you can choose their favorite colors and make the room with it. You can make the bedding in different styles; the girl’s bedding can be feminine and with floral prints in pink, while the boy’s bedding can come in a blue masculine print. Also if the room has a recess such as a nook, you can make this the girl’s space and make it in feminine colors, while the boy’s space can be in a more masculine style.

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