Amber Rose Debuts Long Purple Hair!

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Well, I think that if Frankie Sandford could ditch her pixie cut for a spectacular long hair, then for sure Amber Rose would be able to do the same thing with her signature short buzz cut. Don’t you agree with me, my precious readers?! Of course! What?! Did the stunning model do it, too?! Yep! The new mom has followed the leads of the mom-to-be, Ms. Sandford, and updated her 2013’s lookbook with a long do, which urged me to say for the second time, “God bless the extensions!!”

Let me be more honest with you and say that Amber’s new hairstyle isn’t just long, it is extremely long. Once you take a look, it’ll remind you of the famous Disney Princess Rapunzel. Yeah, ladies, her newly debuted purple tresses are that long!! Purple? Aha! Wait, didn’t I mention this info above? Nope? Oops, sorry! Okay, let’s skip this awkward moment and continue our work! The 29-year-old artist posted a series of pictures of her new booty length, straight locks on her Instagram account, on June 8.

How does she look like? She looks hot, fabulous, beautiful.. No, Stylishevers, I’m not exaggerating! If you don’t believe me, scroll down and take a deep look at this picture then tell us: What do you think of Rose’s new long crayon-colored hairdo? Do you love it or already miss her bald head?!

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One response to “Amber Rose Debuts Long Purple Hair!” - Add yours!

  1. Beautiful, but she definitely needs to invest in some better extensions. They look really fake in the left pic.

  2. she looks dumb im sorry… you couldn’t of just waited for your hair to grow back?

  3. She looks soooooooooo much better with the blonde buzz cut