An Asian Breeze in Florida: Garcia – Gables Project by B. Pila Design Studio

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The influence of Asia, in both art and style, is clear to see with the Garcia (Gables) home, another gem in the portfolio of B. Pila Design Studio of Miami, Florida. Wicker furniture and colorful art soften the more traditional lines of a living room’s sitting area; Asian tracery is abundant in upholstery patterns, “bamboo” shoots coming from the side table, and Polynesian “masks” on the wall of the kitchen and dining area. Unique to this cooking space is the brick “hearth” that surrounds not a fireplace, but the stove and oven, and continues up past the oven hood to a graceful curving ceiling accent that runs the length of the room. Yet more brick continues on the wall behind the art, set off by the contrast of wicker-and-iron breakfast bar stools and openwork chair backs at the eat-in area table.

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The Asian “feel” continues into the formal dining room, where the delicate blue print on the chairs and a feathery willow plant in the corner lighten the weightier, more substantial leather chairs and dining table. Spirited art complements a loveseat in the spacious bathroom, with its soaking tub and accompanying shower, while wood openwork on swinging doors and a lavish bonsai plant accent a marble island/wet bar. But nowhere is the Asian spirit as clear as in the patio-facing sitting room/al fresco area, with its open-air access to the outdoors, its blue wicker, its statuary, and its soaring arched wood ceiling, complete with tropical-inspired ceiling fans and climbing greenery. The overall effect brings a fresh breeze from the Pacific in a house that faces the Atlantic — the Garcia home in Coral Gables, Florida, is another masterpiece from B. Pila Design Studio.

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