Andrew Collinge Hairstyles

Who hasn’t been taken by the stunning and spectacular hairstyles made by Andrew Collinge?!!.. Andrew Collinge is one of the most famous hairstylists in the whole world. Andrew Collinge is one member of the famous Collinge hairdressing empire.. Most of Andrew’s family members have been hairdressers and they’ve contributed in the hairdressing industry in very massive way. You may ask “Why do you say massive contribution?!”, as the Collinge hairdressing empire hasn’t limited itself on just creating the women’s hairstyles but it’s extended itself to produce great hair care products in order to give the women healthy hair. Beside that, the empire has turned to be like a hairdressing or hairstyling school to graduate new generation of the talented hairstylists in the whole world. Anyway, let us turn back to Andrew Collinge!. Andrew Collinge’s creative sense, great talent and all his contributions in the all the aspects of the hairdressing industry has been the main reason for him to be given many awards and fellowships for many years till now. Maybe, while I’m talking with you, he is being awarded!!. Beside being the manager of the Collinge empire and awards & fellowships winner, Andrew has worked on many fashion shows of world wide fashion brands. Okay, that was a brief look on Andrew’s career life. What about his hairstyles?. How do they look like?!, Have he been specialist in making hairstyles for certain hair cut? or What?!. I know that there are many questions about the Andrew Collinge’s hairstyles, so allow me to answer them all. Andrew Collinge has created stunning, spectacular and soft women hairstyles for many years. Andrew hasn’t been specialist in certain haircut, on the contrary he has made fabulous hairstyles for all the women’s haircuts from the short to the long. He hasn’t also concentrated on creating hairstyles for certain hair color!!. None really does that!!. Another thing that you’ve to know that Andrew has made a special line of the hairstyles for the brides. In fact, he has created very soft and glamorous bridal hairstyles such as any woman wishes to have on her wedding day. Beside that, Andrew Collinge has worked with many celebrities over the years. So, I think by now there’s nothing left except to talk a look on some examples of Andrew Collinge’s hairstyles. One of the most spectacular hairstyles that have been created by Andrew are the Straight sleek hairstyles, the Finger wavy hairstyles and the soft curly hairstyles. Beside the soft curly hairstyles, Andrew has created some untraditional & hard looking curly hairstyles, but they’ve not been less feminine than the soft ones. Anyway, another hairstyles that Andrew has been so creative in, are the Up-do hairstyles. Andrew has stood out from the crowds by his weird and fabulous Up-do hairstyles. Lastly, Andrew has been also so creative in making stunning and fashionable styles of the pixie cut hairstyles, the spiky hairstyles and the bob hairstyles.. In all of those last mentioned hairstyles, you can’t see one hairstyle is more elegant, feminine or fashionable than the other. It can’t be!!!. Andrew has been so fair in his hairdressing creativity.. So, don’t afraid & hesitate to pick one of Andrew Collinge’s hairstyles because you’ve some doubts about whether your picked up hairstyles would have the same glamour as any other hairstyle or not!!. Honey, just pick it, wear it and enjoy your new glamorous and shinny look everywhere you go!!…..

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