Antonio Berardi Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear Collection

The Italian-English fashion designer Antonio Berardi presented an amazing collection for spring & summer 2011 offering women all they want; softness, sweetness, elegance and comfort. The collection contains an interesting variety of pretty dresses; whether you like short or long dresses, you would definitely find in this collection many gorgeous designs that will amaze you. Short dresses were presented in different styles; with a simple fluffy skirt like the short black dress with white collar which is a fabulous design that reflects the meaning of ‘the elegant simplicity’, or a complicated one made from various kinds of textures including satin, organza and faille. Tight short dresses are equally beautiful; sleeveless with a tight skirt over the knee, they are very attractive and stylish even when they have simple designs and simple colors (black or white). Long dresses are representing elegance and femininity; besides the long black dress with a long cut showing the leg which looks superb, there is also the subtle white dress with simple bolero which gives a nice angelic look. A back to the nineties is clearly noticed in Berardi pants; high waist, straight legs and thin leather belts. The white pants worn with a subtle black blouse look chic and comfortable. Ensembles presented in this collection are very classy; the white ensemble composed of pants, top and a formal blazer is interesting because it looks chic, up-to-date and the most important: comfortable for a long working day. The designer used many lovely colors in this collection including tender white, elegant black, attractive red, romantic pink, beige, brown, and others. Berardi ended the show by a fluffy pink gown made of chiffon and decorated by a lot of little roses worn with green jackets; pink roses and green was maybe used at the end to remind the audience of the season which this collection is made for.

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