The Art’s the Thing: Muscogee by Beth Webb Interiors

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What’s important in this Muscogee décor is immediately apparent: it’s about the art. Not surprising, with Beth Webb Interiors putting together the design for this modern home; Beth Webb makes no secret of her love of fine art and her desire to integrate it into her designs where possible. Here, the client’s collection is the star: notice the ultimate neutral palette of white with complements of charcoal and deep umber — colors that are not quite stark black, but close! — in an effective imitation of a “gallery” feel. Framed art on the wall in turn “frames” a bookcase with treasures of several kinds, from the horse sculpture on the bottom shelf to vintage books that might indeed be rare editions. Art is also the focal point above and beside the fireplace; sketches take pride of place here, along with an elaborate fire screen.

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Natural light is the modus operandi: you see no trace of curtains over the windows, or anywhere in the rooms, until you get to the bedroom. Even there, there’s more canopy on the bed than there are shades on the windows. The resulting pure light plays up the simplicity of your environment; light fixtures are unobtrusive in the extreme, largely lantern-shaped hanging lights or slender lamps atop a mantel. Even at a dining table, the cloth is plain white and the top covered in glass — much better to display the carvings at the center. Some print shows itself in chair cushions and pillows on the bed, and the bed linens themselves are a softer touch of rich chocolate. It’s a soothing environment, but one in which art is unmistakably the focus, in this Muscogee home by Beth Webb.

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