Atlanta Stone Cottage with Contemporary Charm from Castro Design Studio

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This stone cottage looks like it almost came from the pages of a fairy tale — but it’s a very contemporary project from Castro Design Studio in Atlanta, Georgia. As you enter, note the polished walnut floors and the pristine of white walls and arched doorways, a telltale sign of a vintage home. From the central staircase you can see the dining room with its comfortable, upholstered chairs, surrounded by framed art and fronting a pale oak finished table and side buffet. A family room is restful brown, cream, and pale gold, with traditional chairs and a multi-drawer dresser. Blinds can be lowered behind curtains, and over the windows on the double doors leading out to a second “family room” — a sunny porch with stone fireplace, deep wicker chairs in shades of dark blue and white, and a ceiling fan.

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Upstairs, the master bedroom features a gray padded headboard that nicely sets off the deep mahogany bed frame and matching dressers. Here, too, are multi-paned windows that let in abundant light and air — with their own sets of blinds. You’ll find a soaking tub and a large shower in the bathroom, alongside a black and silver dresser and matching square mirror. And, lastly, this house makes entertaining easy — in the small parlor with its cozy seating and still life decorations, or in the eat-in kitchen with its center island. Any cook would be thrilled with the stainless steel appliances, especially the double fridge and freezer — and there’s plenty of both storage and counter work space for guests to join in. So this is the Martina home: a charming cottage with plenty of space for family…and friends.

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