Attractive Bed Linen Motifs for Spring & Summer

When spring comes, it’s time to change our dark bed linens used in winter and replace them with the ones having pretty springy motifs that set the tone in the bedroom with a fresh feeling and cheerful ambience. With delicate flowers on duvet covers or pillows in fresh colors, bed linen welcomes the beautiful days and fills the bedroom with delight. Check out those 10 ideal bed linen ideas for the spring-summer season. To bring a lot of freshness to the bedroom, you can choose a soft bed linen in 100% cotton with a white background dotted with delicate flowers. The whole look is not too classic yet very refreshing with a lovely romantic touch. For a modern floral ambience in your bedroom, go for big flower patterns settled on the bottom of the duvet cover while the rest of the bed linen is dotted or striped which will add a very attractive look that’s both springy and contemporary. To bring an exotic touch to the bedroom, bed linen can be adorned with large flowers in light lines. Some models are colored looking like a Japanese sketch while others are colorless to create a very delicate bed linen look. To complete your minimalist bedroom decoration and bring the spring feeling, go for bed linen with flowers taking geometric shapes in pixelated motifs that will look so original and so contemporary.

If you want an elegant traditional bedroom decoration, you can opt for the classic linen with bouquets of peonies that bloom on a bed with powder tones for a very charming atmosphere. If you want your modern bedroom design to be adorned with springy floral motifs without being too flowery, you can choose the bed linen style where the flower motifs are mitigated in some places with much lighter colors like faded colors; the result is very delicate. Remember that to evoke the spring spirit, flowers are not the only pattern related to this ambience. If you choose for example a simple bed linen design with stripes in blue shades, it will recall the beach atmosphere. You can also bring the freshness to the bedroom by choosing a bed linen in pastel colors; they add a lot of softness to the bedroom. And for a touch of femininity, we choose embroidered patterns. And if for you, spring evokes above all the sun and the beautiful colors of nature, choose linens in bright colors like red or fuchsia to create a pop bedroom style with a tangy & lively look.

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