Australian Pool Transformation: Refurbishment by 4Blue Pools

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These pool owners wanted to update an old, “tired,” and leaking fiberglass pool — so they turned to Australia’s Sun Coast pool builders 4Blue Pools for help. 4Blue Pools came in with a redesign and a rebuild that gave the owners a super-wide pool, maximizing the space available and allowing for a bunch of swimmers to enjoy the water all at the same time. Wood-look decking around it complements the wood privacy fencing; up-lighted foliage makes the yard stay a “yard,” with graceful swaying palms that give the entire area a soothing semi-tropical ambience well in keeping with the view from the home. Even better, this redo provides an easy indoor/outdoor blend: accessible through sliding glass, the pool and deck offers numerous seating areas with umbrella-shaded tables and “beanbag” type chairs.

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4Blue Pools also prides itself on having a “wow” factor with each of its pools: without a doubt, the “wow” here is the combination of great use of space and unfettered views of the shore beyond. An interior of Bisazza mosaic gives the pool a sweet bright blue finish that complements sky and sea; solar heating makes it comfortable for more months out of the year, while a self-cleaning system makes it as fuss-free as a pool can be. The pump conserves energy, and the salt and mineral chlorination keeps the pool’s water fresh and inviting. And finally, various terraced levels of the outdoor living area make it easy for parents to watch kids splashing, while not having to be splashed themselves! Taking an old, worn-out and dated pool and transforming it: it’s yet another “wow” project from Australia’s 4Blue Pools.

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