Awesome Bedroom Design Ideas with Full Ocean View

If you have a house that overlooks the ocean, then you are so lucky because this is something that not everyone can have. Having a house or apartment in this very special place needs much care while decorating it so that you can really enjoy staying there in a comfortable ambiance all while having all what you need. These are very inspiring pictures to give you fabulous ideas on how to decorate your bedroom so that you can combine between practicality in furniture and a very decorated bedroom that keeps your head clear just to enjoy that amazing view of the ocean. Wood is always known to be the best option when furnishing rooms close to the sea; it just gives the feeling that it completes the perfect look and the natural view. The amount of wood used in the room is totally up to you, you can go for a room made totally of wood including the walls, ceiling, floor, and furniture; this room looks really amazing and really feels perfect beside the sea. Go for parquet tiles for the ceiling, walls, and the floor, they look very chic, also choose a wooden bed, night stand, side tables, closets, shelves, and simply everything! If you want to use less wood, then try having only parquet floors or ceiling, choosing one of them will still reflect that amazing look while having the modern designing just with wooden bed, shelves, a thin wall, and side tables for example so that these wooden furniture pieces can complement the look of the wooden ceiling or parquet floors.

Having good space is really important in this matter, as you want to add all the important furniture sets that you need for your bedroom while keeping good spaces between them to enjoy fresh air and to feel the breeze of the ocean. Since the full view of the ocean is the main key for these bedrooms, then you must let that view at the level of your eyes throughout the whole room, and this is achieved using glass. Glass is great when it is the material used for enclosures, it is very chic and completes the modern look while giving you the amazing key idea which is seeing through it and letting light in along with this breath taking view of the ocean. Go for glass to enclose the balcony, for windows, or even for the doors, it’ll give you the feeling that you actually built the bedroom in the ocean, and will keep the rooms always full of fresh air while letting you enjoy that unique smell of the ocean. Now concerning furnishing the bedroom, you can notice that modern simple designs are used along with sharp lines, you don’t need much details and curves, and you need to enjoy the sea in a modern chic way. All beds are almost made of wood in rectangular styles along with wooden headboards; the rest of the furniture also comes with sharp edges including the tables, closets, side tables, and shelves.

Nice light colors were used to match with the used wood like using white, beige, cream, grey, & black. To add some sort of color to the while look use colored pillow sheets or bedding along with a colored portrait, rug, or curtain for that lively touch. Since everything in these bedroom is charming and romantic, it is never too much to have that canopy style for your bed even if you never thought you would do it, adding some canopy curtains in light colors like white or beige hold on wood stands will definitely add this amazing romantic touch that is really perfect for a bedroom that overlooks the ocean. Finally, for that last special touch that is also natural, go for plants. Plants look amazing beside the ocean and in wooden bedrooms, so add plants as much as you love, more or less plant post according to your taste. You can also make like a small garden outside the room beside the ocean for that green blue match of colors that is always loved.

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