Baby Kicking Like Crazy in Mom’s Belly [Video]

Writing this article from a male perspective only encourages a sense of amazement and respect for women and what you have to go through during pregnancy. Yes, we lucky men are aware of the morning sickness, the indigestion and the discomfort, not forgetting what you have to go without, such as alcohol, and watching what you eat – no unpasteurized dairy. So if that weren’t bad enough, towards the end of your pregnancy you then end up being treated like a football, only being kicked from the inside. We mere males have no comprehension of what it must be like to carry around an extra couple of stone round your waist, going to the toilet ten times a day and never quite being able to get comfortable. So here we have a video that perfectly demonstrates exactly what you have to go through to bear a child, and if one didn’t know better, you’d think that little Houdini on the inside was about to make their escape, and directly through the stomach wall, not via the more conventional route. Yet within you there lies the miracle of new life, clearly ready to come out and join us all in the real world. In truth, though we don’t tell you this nearly often enough, we men think you women are totally amazing!

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