Balenciaga Fall / Winter 2012 Menswear Collection

Balenciaga’s fall & winter fashion trends for the new year 2012 have been nothing but shocking, wowing and rocking!.. I’m not exaggerating, they’re really like that and maybe more!.. That stunning fall & winter fashion trend has been mainly inspired by the late 70s and the early 80s punk & rocky music scene. Of course, that has been combined with very futuristic, yet modern vision.. Beside those two things, another things have been taken into the designer’s considerations which are using the sharp, bold and imaginary graphical touches. All of that has made Balecinaga use quite sharp & bold colors like; black, white, Khaki, red and blue. In some of the cloth pieces presented, the designer has made a very creative and artistic mixture of those colors.. Beside those sharp and bold colors, the designer has been bold also with the fabrics he used in making that rocky collection. So, you can say that the designer has tried as much as he could to rely on using bold colors & fabrics to clarify maybe half of his futuristic and modernized vision! To complete his futuristic vision, Balenciaga has presented very rocky and fancy designs that can catch the eyes of any man and maybe force him to wear them without even noticing that!!! Curious to know about what have been presented on Balenciaga’s fashion show?!Okay, I’ll tell you. On Balenciaga’s fall & winter men’s wear collection, you can see the tubular coats, the slim-lined suits and the biker leather jackets. I think by now, I’ve showed you all I know about the 2012 fashion trends for both fall and winter made by Balenciaga from the fabrics & colors to the items.

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